Privacy Policy

This section contains the privacy statements of Integrity Education Group, USI and, for Victorian students, the Victorian Government VET Student Enrolment Privacy Notice.

This policy ensures that Integrity Education Group Pty Ltd (Integrity) meets its legal and ethical requirements in regard to the collection, storage and disclosure of the personal information it holds in regards to individuals.
  1. Privacy Principles
  • Personal information is collected from individuals in order that Integrity can carry out its business functions. Integrity only collects and stores information that is directly related to its business purposes and legal requirements of providing nationally recognised training and assessment.
  • In collecting personal information, Integrity complies with the requirements set out in the Privacy Act 1988 and the relevant privacy legislation and regulations of the states in which Integrity operates.
  • This means Integrity ensures each individual:
  • Knows why their information is being collected, how it will be used and who it will be disclosed to.
  • Is able to access their personal information upon request.
  • Does not receive unwanted direct marketing.
  • Can ask for personal information that is incorrect to be corrected.
  • Can make a complaint about Integrity if you consider that your personal information has been mishandled.
  1. Collection of information
  • In general, personal information will be collected through course application and/or enrolment forms, training records, assessment records and online forms and submissions.  This information is usually collected via online secure and encrypted systems, however some information will be collected via paper based forms that can be submitted via email, post or in person.
  • The types of personal information collected include:
  • personal and contact details
  • employment information, where relevant
  • academic history
  • background information collected for statistical purposes about prior education, schooling, place of birth, disabilities and so on
  • training, participation and assessment information
  • fees and payment information
  • information required for the issuance of a USI.
  1. Unique Student Identifiers (USI)
  • All learners participating in nationally recognised training from 1 January 2015 are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and provide it to Integrity prior to enrolment.
  • Integrity can generate a Unique Student Identifier on behalf of learners.
  1. Storage and use of information
  • Integrity will store all records containing personal information securely and take all reasonable security measures to protect the information collected from unauthorised access, misuse or disclosure. Personal information will be stored in paper-based files that are kept in a secure location and electronically in a secure environment to which only authorised staff have access.
  • The personal information held about individuals will only be used to enable efficient learner administration, provide information about training opportunities, issue statements of attainment and qualifications to eligible learners, and to maintain accurate and detailed records of learner course participation, progress and outcomes.
  • Integrity may use the personal information provided by an individual to market other internal products and services to them. An individual may opt out of being contacted for marketing purposes at any time by notifying the staff member they are speaking with of their wishes, contacting our office, or clicking the unsubscribe link in an email.  Information will not be passed onto any third party marketing companies without the prior written consent of the individual.
  1. Disclosure of information
  • The personal information about learners enrolled in a Course with Integrity may be shared with the Australian Government and designated authorities, such as ASQA (Integrity’s registering body) and its auditors, the USI Registrar (as per above), State Government Departments of Education & Training and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).  This includes personal details, contact details, course enrolment information, unit outcomes, AQF certification and statement issuance and information about training participation and progress.
  • Integrity will not disclose an individual’s personal information to another person or organisation unless:
  • They are aware that information of that kind is usually passed to that person or organisation.
  • The individual has given written consent.
  • Integrity believes on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat to the life or health of the individual concerned or another person.
  • The disclosure is required or authorised by, or under, law.
  • The disclosure is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the criminal law or of a law imposing a pecuniary penalty, or for the protection of public revenue.
  • Any person or organisation to which information is disclosed is not permitted to use or disclose the information for a purpose other than for which the information was supplied to them.
  1. Access to and correction of records
  • Individuals have the right to access or obtain a copy of the information that Integrity holds about them including personal details, contact details and information relating to course participation, progress and AQF certification and statements of attainment issued.
  • Requests to access or obtain a copy of the records held about an individual must be made by contacting our office using the Access Records Form. The individual must prove their identity to be able to access their records.
  • There is no charge for an individual to access the records that Integrity holds about them; however there may be a charge for any copies made.  Arrangements will be made within 5 working days for the individual to access their records.
  1. Complaints about privacy
  • Any individual wishing to make a complaint or appeal about the way information has been handled within Integrity can do so by following Integrity’s Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure.
  • If we do not resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you also have the right to complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) using the Contact Details noted below:


GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: 1300 363 992 


USI Privacy Notice

If you do not already have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and you want Integrity Education Group (Integrity) to apply for a USI to the Student Identifiers Registrar (Registrar) on your behalf, we ask that you please read the following USI Privacy Notice.

Consent for collection, use or disclosure of personal information

You are advised and agree that you understand and consent that the personal information you provide in connection with your application for a Unique Student Identifier (USI):

  • is collected by the Registrar as authorised by the Student Identifiers Act 2014.
  • is collected by the Registrar for the purposes of:
    • applying for, verifying and giving a USI;
    • resolving problems with a USI; and
    • creating authenticated vocational education and training (VET) transcripts;
  • may be disclosed to:
    • Commonwealth and State/Territory government departments and agencies and statutory bodies performing functions relating to VET for:
      • the purposes of administering and auditing VET, VET providers and VET programs;
      • education related policy and research purposes; and
      • to assist in determining eligibility for training subsidies;
    • VET Regulators to enable them to perform their VET regulatory functions;
    • VET Admission Bodies for the purposes of administering VET and VET programs;
    • current and former Registered Training Organisations to enable them to deliver VET courses to the individual, meet their reporting obligations under the VET standards and government contracts and assist in determining eligibility for training subsidies;
    • schools for the purposes of delivering VET courses to the individual and reporting on these courses;
    • the National Centre for Vocational Education Research for the purpose of creating authenticated VET transcripts, resolving problems with USIs and for the collection, preparation and auditing of national VET statistics;
    • researchers for education and training related research purposes;
    • any other person or agency that may be authorised or required by law to access the information;
    • any entity contractually engaged by the Student Identifiers Registrar to assist in the performance of his or her functions in the administration of the USI system; and
  • will not otherwise be disclosed without your consent unless authorised or required by or under law.

The consequences for not providing the Registrar with some or all of your personal information are that the Registrar will not be able to issue you with a USI.

Privacy policies and complaints

You can find further information on how the Registrar collects, uses and discloses the personal information about you in the Registrar’s Privacy Policy or by contacting the Registrar on or telephone 1300 857 536, international enquiries +61 2 6240 8740. The Registrar’s Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and seek correction of the personal information held about you and how you may make a complaint about a breach of privacy by the Registrar in connection with the USI and how such complaints will be dealt with.

You may also make a complaint to the Information Commissioner about an interference with privacy pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988, including in relation to the misuse or interference of or unauthorised collection, use, access, modification or disclosure of USIs.

Victorian Government VET Student Enrolment Privacy Notice

The Victorian Government, through the Department of Education and Training (the Department), develops, monitors and funds vocational education and training (VET) in Victoria. The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring that Victorians have access to appropriate and relevant VET services. Any personal information collected by the Department for VET purposes is protected in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

Collection of your data

Integrity Education Group Pty td (Integrity) is required to provide the Department with student and training activity data. This includes personal information collected in the Integrity enrolment form and unique identifiers such as the Victorian Student Number (VSN) and the Commonwealth’s Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Integrity provides data to the Department in accordance with the Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines, available at:

Use of your data

The Department uses student and training data, including personal information, for a range of VET purposes including administration, monitoring and planning. A student’s USI may be used for specific VET purposes including the verification of student data provided by Integrity; the administration and audit of VET providers and programs; education-related policy and research purposes; and to assist in determining eligibility for training subsidies.

Disclosure of your data

As necessary and where lawful, the Department may disclose VET data, including personal information, to its contractors, other government agencies, professional bodies and/or other organisations for VET-related purposes. In particular, this includes disclosure of VET student and training data to the Commonwealth and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

Legal and Regulatory

The Department’s collection and handling of enrolment data and VSNs is authorised under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic). The Department is also authorised to collect and handle USIs in accordance with the Student Identifiers Act 2014 (Cth) and the Student Identifiers Regulation 2014 (Cth).

Survey participation

You may be contacted to participate in a survey conducted by NCVER or a Department-endorsed project, audit or review relating to your training. This provides valuable feedback on the delivery of VET programs in Victoria.

Consequences of not providing your information

Failure to provide your personal information may mean that it is not possible for you to enrol in VET and/or to obtain a Victorian Government VET subsidy

Access, correction and complaints

You have the right to seek access to or correction of your own personal information. You may also complain if you believe your privacy has been breached.

For further information, please contact Integrity’s Privacy Officer in the first instance by phone 1300 400 346] or email

Further information

For further information about the way the Department collects and handles personal information, including access, correction and complaints, go to:

For further information about Unique Student Identifiers, including access, correction and complaints, go to:

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